Volume 31: NADA 2018 Edition

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Today’s consumers are busier and more discerning than ever, which is why Xtime is constantly striving to help our dealership partners exceed their customers’ expectations. At NADA 2018, we’re showing the new features that will revolutionize the way dealership service departments keep customers coming back.

Meet us NADA 2018 Booth #2923C in Las Vegas to see exciting new features!


Consumer expectations are continuously rising, so retail experiences need to be constantly evolving. When customers go to your service website, they want to see an interface that emulates other best in class online experiences—so they must be engaging, dynamic and efficient.

To ensure that you keep up with changing consumer demands, we perform field studies with vehicle owners. Our findings shape our products so that you deliver the best consumer experience. To better suit those vehicle owner expectations and needs, Xtime is releasing a new consumer experience—starting with the consumer landing page.

The new page is not only clear and appealing—what your customers want—but also increases the number of service appointments. Based on testing, this landing page increased conversion to booked appointments by 31.5 percent.

This new view ensures you see more service appointments and more cars in the service lane. Ask us about the new experience at NADA 2018 in Las Vegas!


Is this the technology your declined services follow-up relies on?

Dealerships know all too well that many customers decline recommended services—58 percent of customers1. There are only three reasons why they didn’t buy immediately: they didn’t budget the time, they didn’t budget the money or they want to shop your price.

Now you can recapture these lost service opportunities.

Introducing Spectrum Declined Services, which utilizes deep integration across the entire Xtime platform to help dealerships realize an average of $4,475 in recaptured decline services per month, as well as an average of $238 per customer2.

Features in Xtime Declined Services include

  • Collect maintenance and repair recommendations
  • Re-present customers with previously declined services and capture more approvals in the service lane
  • Enable appointment takers to view, recommend and sell previously declined services to customers
  • Greet vehicle owners with details and history at check-in
  • Identify, target and discount commonly declined services

1Based on Xtime Inspect dealers July 2016 – June 2017.
2Monthly customer pay average on participating dealers September 2017 through January 2018


Helping dealership service customers authorize and pay for additional recommendations can be challenging. With Xtime’s Inspect Online Approvals, service advisors can effortlessly communicate multipoint inspection information and recommended services to customers via email or text messages. Customers can then make educated decisions, instantly review vehicle status reports and approve or decline recommendations in the channels they use most frequently. From desktop computers to mobile phones, Xtime is helping dealerships take better care of their customers by building transparency, all while giving customers the value, convenience and trust they expect.

Xtime Inspect Online Approvals allows you to:

  • Leverage additional service recommendations (ASRs) identified during the multipoint inspection process
  • Automatically capture data on ASRs within all of the Xtime Spectrum platform
  • Quickly access and view inspection results directly within Xtime Schedule
  • View parts and labor pricing for ASRs
  • Customize emails and text messages for additional details
  • Eliminate “phone tag” and ensure tracking and accountability with dated approval requests

Xtime Payment streamlines workflows and offers consumers quick online and in-lane payment options—ensuring your last customer touchpoint leaves a positive impression.

Integrating with both Xtime Engage and Schedule, check-in and checkout processes have never been easier for both dealerships and customers to:

  • Accept credit card payments in-lane when customers retrieve vehicles
  • Create stronger relationships between customers and advisors, from the write-up to payment
  • Streamline pickup processes and eliminate cashier bottlenecks
  • Email and text payment requests and receipts directly to customers
  • Accept major credit cards from a secure microsite

“It’s one less step the customer has to go through when they come here to pick up their car. In our case, the customers are in a hurry. The quicker the process of picking up their vehicle, the happier they are.”

– Jerry Antoine, Service Manager, John Hine Mazda

Better yet, dealers already using Engage and Schedule are already eligible to use this new payment feature!


Not long ago, Sunridge Nissan in Calgary, Alberta, juggled multiple technology solutions to customer needs. However, the process wasn’t streamlined and was more time-consuming.

Sunridge Nissan has since gone “all in” with Xtime Spectrum—implementing all four products—to not only deliver a better customer experience, but also gain the additional profitability and efficiency that having one integrated system offers.

“It takes a little work to get everyone in your dealership on board and to grasp how it all works, but once you do, it’s very positive,” said Annica. “Making everything easier for every department each day is so worth the time and effort to on-board everyone. Because we’re such a big part of Xtime since we use all the products, it solves so many things for us. Xtime finds a solution to any problem we have.”

With Xtime Spectrum, Sunridge Nissan realizes:

  • $505 average RO1
  • 59 percent uptick in additional service from recommendations2
  • $586 in recommended services captures per inspection2

To read more about the ways in which Sunridge Nissan’s partnership with Xtime has boosted their business, click here.


1Data from September 2017
2Data from October 2016 through September 2017