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Quick Tip: Using Xtime Invite to Promote Summer Service Specials

Tap into specialized marketing templates that have proven to drive higher customer engagement and incremental revenue.

6 tips to turn your service department into a profit-making machine

Satisfaction with the dealership shopping experience surged, according to Cox Automotive’s Car Buyer Journey Study, from 61% to 69% between 2022…

Xtime Payment

Boost CSI through Active Service Delivery Xtime Payment offers robust and streamlined workflows enabling consumers to pay for service directly wi…
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Quick Tip: Using Xtime University for Both New and Existing Employees

In less than 2 minutes, Daniel Watts shows you how Xtime University gives you valuable training tools for new hires along with refreshers for cur…

Your First Look at NADA 2024 

As NADA 2024 approaches, Skyler Chadwick, Director of Product Consulting for Xtime, shares a preview of what to expect at the “auto industry even…
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Quick Tip: Using the Fixed Ops KPI Insights Dashboard

Check out our latest dashboard for a simple and easy look at Schedule statistics, check-in utilization, Inspect usage, ASR data, sold and unsold…
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Quick Tip: Creative Ways to Fill Your Job Openings with Xtime

It’s no secret that staffing shortages in the service lane affect your business. What can Xtime do to help? Tiffani Stefanescu shares creative wa…
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Quick Tip: Switching Between Dealerships in the Xtime App

In under 2 minutes, learn how to switch between instances in the Xtime app. For Xtime users overseeing multiple rooftops, this allows efficient o…