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What we’re about

Drive owner loyalty through one service experience platform.

Xtime increases customer retention by transforming the ownership experience for service departments and OEMs, increasing customer satisfaction while boosting dealer revenue and profitability. Spectrum, the industry’s first fully integrated, cloud-based system, helps dealerships create an outstanding ownership experience and turn one-time customers into repeat buyers. From the first touchpoint to checkout and beyond, Spectrum creates the high-quality experience customers expect and drives the growth dealerships need.

Cox Connected

The Connected Cox Automotive Story: Transforming the way the world buys, sells and owns cars.

Xtime Culture and Mind

Get A Sense of Our Culture — Where Family Values Meet High-Performing Mindsets.

Cox Enterprise Culture

The story of Cox Enterprises is one of hard work, respect for employees, entrepreneurship and making bold decisions.

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Our brands deliver products and services for the whole vehicle lifecycle.


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