Sunridge Nissan Streamlines Its Solution Platforms with Xtime


A few years ago, Sunridge Nissan in Calgary, Alberta, was using multiple solutions for all of its customer needs. The dealership quickly implemented Schedule to accommodate its customers online scheduling needs, and Xtime’s other solutions—Engage, Invite and Inspect—soon followed. Service Manager Annica Larsson said that introducing Xtime allowed the dealership to streamline its operations instead of toggling between multiple platforms to handle all of its needs.

“The initial reason we implemented Xtime Schedule was that we wanted a more advanced way to schedule appointments,” said Annica. “[The original decision] was really for our call center, which books appointments, as well as for our service advisors. It was nice to sync all products into one—previously, we had [multiple systems], whereas now we just have Xtime. We don’t have to switch back and forth between platforms and it’s very streamlined.”

Sunridge Nissan understood that vehicle owners want and expect more technology at various touchpoints—already more than 17 percent of customers schedule online1. Seeing this value also encouraged the dealership to implement Engage and tablets in the service drive, resulting in $39 in additional sales per check-in2. Soon after, Sunridge Nissan added Invite and Inspect to create an integrated dealer and customer experience.

“We added Engage because our advisors could easily put all these notes in the tablet, customers could see pricing and they could sign for their services right there,” said Annica. “This is so beneficial because we’re a busy dealership with a small drive-thru with limited space. Xtime allows us to handle the rush [of customers]. And Invite came up because we were trying to find a way to track declined work and bring those customers back.”

Sunridge Nissan relies on Xtime to ensure customers choose the dealer service department over independent shops—and that they continue to do so. Not only does the dealership boast an 87.8 percent show rate1, but their marketing strategies also achieve a 6.23 to 1 ROI on lost souls3.

Having an integrated system allows dealerships to run smoothly while giving today’s discerning customers the service experience they expect. In fact, each touchpoint within the service experience should be a chance to turn a routine inspection into a retention opportunity. Xtime Inspect provides the dealership with an integrated customer approval platform, easy access to available inventory and centralized access to service history, as well as past recommendations—with $586 in recommended services per inspection2.

“Inspect minimizes the chaos because we have everything we need to help the customer right there,” said Annica. “I love that everything we need for the customer is available all the time [in the tablet and with Inspect] and doesn’t go anywhere. It also helps the relationship between the advisors and the technicians so that the departments can work better together and we can run reports easily as needed.”

Being a small dealership, Sunridge Nissan understands the importance of being fully operational with minimal downtime. Xtime Inspect reduces the amount of time spent on paperwork so that careful attention can be paid to the customers.

“Inspect minimizes the running around,” said Annica. “We can see what the customer needed and what the technician recommended no matter how much time has passed since an appointment. We can pull that data anytime.”


“It’s fun to be part of the newest technology. We’re excited to see what Xtime does in the future, because Sunridge Nissan will certainly want to be a part of it.”


Xtime Spectrum enables Sunridge Nissan to boost interactions with its customers even during the busiest hours, re-engage lost souls and increase its return on investment. Sunridge Nissan has realized:

  • 99% utilization rate1
  • $505 average repair order1
  • 87.8% show rate1
  • 59% of additional service recommendations from inspections2
  • $586 in recommended services per inspection2
  • Track additional service recommendations with Inspect: “I run a couple of the reports every week to see the percentages—not only for the technicians on their upsells, but also the relationship between the advisor and the tech to see how they’re working together and who is selling more.”
  • Boost the bottom line by making their shop more efficient: “Everyone at Sunridge Nissan can do their job better and more efficiently because they’re working together. Everything is so quick and easy.”
  • Use industry-leading technology to give today’s customers the service experience they expect: “You have to grow with the new options in the field. Sometimes we get stuck in the old way of doing things that we think still works but doesn’t. You have to keep up with technology—don’t stay in your safety zone. Push yourself and the results will be worth it.”
  • Engage customers using platforms with the preferred user experience: “Our customers especially like that they can book appointments online. I think people respond well to the ease of access and transparency of everything.”

Sunridge Nissan believes that Xtime has contributed to the increased ROI per customer, as well as the high utilization rate, because the solutions streamline operations, are easy to use, incentivize customers and offer premium support from Xtime’s Managed Services.

“It takes a little work to get everyone in your dealership on board and to grasp how it all works, but once you do, it’s very positive,” said Annica. “Making everything easier for every department each day is so worth the time and effort to on-board everyone. Because we’re such a big part of Xtime since we use all the products, it solves so many things for us. Xtime finds a solution to any problem we have.”

1 Data from September 2017
2 Data from October 2016 through September 2017
3 Invite initiation began in April 2017—data spans through October 2017, customer pay and warranty