Xtime Engage

The Next Generation Service Lane Solution
for a World-Class Customer Experience

Improve your service process with instant access to menus, inspections, recalls, tires and service history with Xtime Engage.


Performance Measurement


Provide a superior service lane experience

Instant access to history, recommendations and more

Consistent check-in and checkout processes

Professional service estimates

More upsells, better processes and higher retention

8.5% increase in retention

14 additional ROs generated per month

$12 lift per repair order

*Period Analyzed: January-December 2018.


Product Features

Texting (hover for info)



Customer communication is a critical part of your service department’s success. But without the right tools, your time-strapped service advisors can’t keep customers informed. Texting offers you an integrated platform to communicate real-time status updates with service customers, using their favorite communication channel. The platform sends an automated first text following every customer check-in and gives service advisors a centralized message center for sending approval requests, service updates and appointment follow-ups. Learn More

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NEW! Self Check-In (hover for info)


Self Check-In

Increase efficiency in your service department and expedite the write-up process with Self Check-In. Self Check-In can help you drive more dollars per RO, increase customer retention, and provide a superior service experience.

Payment (hover for info)



Great customer service is your key to success in the service lane, and that requires quick work and convenience at every turn. Your service advisors can take customer payments directly through the Engage tablet or at their desktop. Accepting payments in the service lane saves customers time and eliminates annoying personnel handoffs. And, with Payment, your customers get the option to pay online. Learn More

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NEW! FlexPay (hover for info)



Provide your customers with a consistent presentation of your service financing option and increase dollars per repair order with FlexPay. 76% of customers say that they are more likely to make a purchase if given a simple, seamless payment plan option. FlexPay can help you drive additional service revenue through integrated service financing.

Source: Business Wire

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