Honda of Downtown Chicago Captures Declined Services, Grows Profits


Honda of Downtown Chicago is one of the busiest service centers around. Every day—from daybreak to nightfall—cars stream in and out of the service bays. And Service Manager, Joel Adames, counts on us to keep business flowing.

Prior to Xtime, Honda of Downtown Chicago performed well, with a healthy client base and substantial revenue. But Joel isn’t satisfied with “good”—he strives to be number one. That’s why he chose our Spectrum platform to increase customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores, guest return rates, and overall profitability.

“Before Xtime it was hit or miss—you just sat there and waited for business to happen,” says Joel.

The switch brought immediate results. Within the first month, Invite Declined Services campaigns generated over $30,000 in repair order (RO) revenue in the Honda of Downtown Chicago service department.

Real-World Results

Joel believes Xtime is always working to be better since they help Honda of Downtown Chicago with continuous improvements as well through the following:

  • Greater profits per RO: The Honda of Downtown Chicago service department currently achieves an average of $725 per RO.
  • Additional appointments: Joel and his team captured 64 additional appointments in just one month of working with us.
  • Exceptional email open rate: Most marketing emails are sent directly to the trash folder. But, Honda of Downtown Chicago service achieves a 65% email open rate—an impressive figure for any industry.
  • Improved email capture rate: A high email capture rate, combined with verification at each visit, leads to more profitable campaigns. Joel says his department previously had an email capture rate between 70% and 80%. Now, that figure has risen to 90%.
  • Effective, collaborative strategy: Streamlined processes and actionable data, allow dealership professionals on our team, such as Performance Managers and Account Managers, to collaborate with Joel and his team to implement effective strategies.

A Silent Partner on the Service Drive

Joel admits that managing a service department can bring a sense of isolation. But dealers that work with us get added support managing customer relations, analyzing data, and improving productivity.

“The biggest part of using Xtime for me is being able to see what I’m putting out and what’s coming back in and knowing that it’s working. And with the reporting and being able to see that, you feel accomplished,” Joel says. “You feel a little bit more in control.”

Would you like to feel in control, like Joel? Schedule a demo to learn how your dealership can capture declined services, improve customer experience, retain clients, and grow profits.