How to Create a Fully Digital Service Experience


What do your service customers expect from you? What kind of experience and features do they require? Today’s automotive consumers prefer to purchase online, so it would make sense your service customers would prefer to interact with you online as well.  

Dealers that want to give consumers the digital experience they prefer should look for the following capabilities in their service solution. 


In today’s busy world, convenience is currency. When you can save your customers time, you create a more ideal, more attractive service experience — and it starts with the service scheduling process.  

Look for a service solution that gives your customers the convenience of online scheduling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customers should be able to book an appointment right from their phone with real-time appointment availability.  

During the scheduling process, show your customers their previously declined services. With the ability to review pricing information and technician notes, your customers can make informed decisions about what services are needed and which services to approve. While they’re at it, maybe they also want to schedule a Lyft to get to and from the service appointment.  


In a digital-first service experience, convenience is notable throughout. When your customers arrive at your shop, you’ll want to give them the option to check in for their service appointment using their mobile phones. This simple feature streamlines arrivals and expedites the entire service process. What customer doesn’t want that? 

When your advisors do their initial walkaround, give them the tools capture notes and pictures at any time using their digital devices. This data, including tire recommendations, would be automatically uploaded and shared digitally with your customers.  

In addition, the ideal service process and solution should empower your service team to communicate with customers more efficiently. Your advisors need to relay information about recommended repairs via text message, forming an immediate advisor/customer connection. 

During Service 

Your customers want to stay informed. Whether they’re tracking a package on their phone or checking wait times online, anything less than up-to-the-second information won’t meet expectations. Phone calls for status updates have practically become a thing of the past.  

The same is true for service updates. Your customers want a service experience that gives them real-time status updates in the palm of their hand. They want to see what’s been completed and what’s in progress, without calling the dealership. When the inspection is complete, they want to view video of their additional service recommendations and approve repairs right on their phone. 

A service department that offers customers all these conveniences saves time and increases service department transparency — trust is one of the most important qualities your customers consider when choosing a service provider.  

Check Out 

It should come as no surprise that today’s service customers want the choice to pay either online or in-lane. The ideal service solution allows your customers to pay as they prefer. If they decide to pay at the dealership, don’t make them wait at a cashier counter. Instead, make it a quick credit card payment on an advisor’s tablet.  

If your customers prefer to pay online, your solution should send them a text or email payment request with a link to securely pay through. This option streamlines the entire vehicle pick-up process, saving you, and your customers, time.  

As you bring your service department into the age of customer convenience, consider a service solution that will help you meet and exceed your customers’ high expectations. From service scheduling to vehicle pickup and every service state in between, your solution should increase transparency and trust, save time, and allow your customers to complete more of the service process on their time and terms. 

Delight Customers to Grow Profits

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