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May 2022

Product News

Inspect Hardware/Software Requirements Update

Inspect Hardware/Software Update

Xtime Mobile App


It’s important for users to be on the current version of the Xtime Mobile App.  Updates are made available through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and need to be completed timely to ensure the best app experience possible.


Questions?  Contact Xtime Customer Support at (866) 984-6255 or support@xtime.com



As a dealer, you’re feeling firsthand the pain of employee turnover. It’s at an all-time high, resulting in chaotic workloads and unnecessary frustration for your fixed ops team.


Join our webinar, Xtime Spectrum Effective Configuration Management on 5/24 at 2 PM EST, to find ways to leverage Xtime’s robust (and lesser known) features to create a work environment that enables your staff to accomplish all that’s expected of them with ease. You’ll learn how to:


• Create balanced daily workloads that are in tune with your service department.
• Meet customer expectations, including promise times, transparency, and improved communication.
• Close the gap on lengthy RO cycle times, which limit your ability to increase RO counts and RO values.

Best Practices

A Guide to Improve Customer Experience in Your Service Department


Drive profit with satisfied customers who keep coming back. Apply the key takeaways of the most recent Cox Automotive Service Industry Study, visualized in this guide, which details the state of the service market — including data and insights — and emerging opportunities for your dealership.

Watch this webinar, led by Skyler Chadwick, director of sales engineers at Xtime, to learn how to boost your profits by implementing strategies like first-service appointments and targeted multichannel marketing, as well how to use data to power fixed ops decisions.

For personalized training, please contact the Performance Management team at

1-866-984-6355 or submit a support ticket.