Connect Your Technology for Better Employee Experience


At Napleton Auto Group, a five-store dealership in Wisconsin and Illinois, people come first. It’s not just a slogan. The auto group sincerely believes that when you put people first — customers and staff alike — success follows. Customers return regularly, and employees find fulfillment in the workplace.  

Napleton goes the extra mile to implement a proven people-first plan. They support their team with the right tools and time-saving technology to ensure high customer satisfaction, transparency, and trust.  

Time-saving Technology 

As a company that respects their customers’ time, Napleton Auto Group wanted a service technology that would give customers more control over their experience — a technology that would allow customers to quickly and easily schedule a service appointment directly from the dealership website.  

Napleton turned to Xtime to save time and simplify the service scheduling process. Giving customers the ability to book appointments on their own terms has provided the auto group more control of workflow and shop capacity, ensuring a speedy, highly efficient service experience. Napleton also uses Xtime to send service recommendations with pictures and video, streamlining the approval and payment process, further growing efficiencies. 

Above and beyond the conveniences and advantages of the technology alone, Napleton Auto Group appreciates Xtime’s commitment to their success. Helpful sales reps and performance managers go out of their way to answer questions and provide key time-saving employee support — savings that eventually gets passed along to appreciative customers.  

“If they don’t have the answer to all my questions, they know someone who does,” said Danny Randolph, President/Co-Owner of Napleton Auto Group. “It’s always easy to get an answer in the right amount of time in order for us to make quick decisions.” 

Ensuring Satisfaction  

“The customer comes first” has always been the first rule and the first step toward a successful sales and service strategy. But it’s also easier said than done. When push comes to shove, it’s easy to sacrifice service experience in favor of convenience. But Napleton Auto Group believes dealerships can do both.  

With Xtime, customers get personalized check-ins, tablet reception, and the ability to review and approve service recommendations based on pictures and videos. All of these features work together to create the kind of service experience customers seek out. They build transparency into the service process, which in turn grows customer trust in your service department.  

“Let’s be honest, car dealerships in past generations haven’t had the best reputation,” said Danny. “I think that’s really starting to change these days through trust and transparency. When you leverage systems like this that lay everything out for the customers … they trust it and they trust us more when we utilize tools like (Xtime).”   

Thanks to Xtime, Napleton’s service employees are more engaged, and workflows are easier to manage while they provide a better service experience for customers. This focus on providing a superior service experience has resulted in more billable hours that have really added up and a faster, more efficient service experience for the auto group.  

With the help of Xtime and connected Cox Automotive technologies, Napleton Auto Group continues to find success by taking care of their most important asset — people. Integrations between technologies save time, improve ease-of-use, and ensure a superior sales and service experience for customers and employees alike. 

Ready to save time and give your customers a superior service experience like Napleton Auto Group? Book a demo to see how Xtime can help your dealership put your people first.