Oklahoma City Volkswagen Invests in its Technology and its People

Oklahoma City Volkswagen Employee Engagement

Oklahoma City Volkswagen isn’t run by a bunch of old school car guys. Its forward-thinking management team is always looking for ways to enhance the value of their investment. And when Robert Lackey was offered a position as the dealership’s service director, he immediately saw ways to apply that philosophy in the service lane. Many of his most immediate concerns were related to service lane employees and their engagement levels.

“On the surface level, you would see employees and technicians walking around in plain clothes or in shirts from other dealerships,” Robert recalls. “There was no pride in the atmosphere. And on the service drive, you’d see service advisors writing customers up that were stuck in the early 90s with literally a particle board clipboard…and a carbon-copy multipoint inspection sheet. There was zero pride, zero process from front to back.”

Based on his experience managing other service departments, Robert knew that our solutions had the power to increase employee engagement by improving processes and ensuring accountability. He got the employee buy-in necessary to fix the dealership’s obvious challenges with a little help from us.

Real-World Results

Service lane metrics have shown the wisdom in Oklahoma City Volkswagen’s investment in our end-to-end solution. The dealership has achieved:

  • 2x increase in gross profit in the service department
  • 441+ average additional sales per check-in
  • 5-point increase in customer service numbers
  • 90% multipoint inspection rate
  • $831k+ in additional service recommendations captured in one quarter

A Full Suite for Full Satisfaction

While we offer various solutions for improving different areas of the service lane, Robert implemented the full Spectrum Suite because he knew it could help every single fixed ops employee.

As he sees it, “there is no tool in the industry—and you try to piece them all together—that does everything that Xtime Spectrum does.”