6 Ways to Maximize the Customer Experience

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Your customers expect a superior service experience that prioritizes personalization and caters to their every convenience.

Across all industries, there is more and more focus on customer experience. The service lane is no different – if you want to increase retention, boost satisfaction, and maximize your customers’ experience, we’ve outlined key areas to focus on.

  • Strategy 1: Simplify the Appointment Process – Getting on your service schedule should be the least of their worries.
  • Strategy 2: Keep Customers in the Know—Download the Xtime app for ease of communication.
  • Strategy 3: Ensure Efficient Greetings and Check-Ins—Try self check-in with a tablet.
  • Strategy 4: Present Additional Recommendations Effectively—Communication and attaching photos and video builds trust.
  • Strategy 5: Close with a Lasting Impression—Xtime makes it easy for customers to pay and schedule future appointments.
  • Strategy 6: Keep in Close Contact with Your Customers—Send special offers and mention declined service for a customized experience.

Keep these 6 tips in mind and your dealership will be on the way to a memorable service experience that creates repeat customers.

To learn more about these strategies and other tips, check out our guide, “Best Practices for Maximizing the Customer Experience”