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Best Practices

Check out the latest best practices to help you make the most of your Xtime products to help your dealership succeed.

Drive profit with satisfied customers who keep coming back. Apply the key takeaways of the most recent Cox Automotive Service Industry Study, visualized in this guide, which details the state of the service market — including data and insights — and emerging opportunities for your dealership.

The keys to service department profitability are efficiency and a superior customer experience. You can achieve both when you unlock the power of your service teams. Dial up your service team to boost profits — to the tune of $110 more per repair order.

Learn 5 strategies to help your dealership face down industry obstacles when you download this guide. Fixed ops can help keep profits high, even while inventory is low. 

How do you plan to dial up more efficiency in your service department and drive more profit? For many dealers, it may mean adding new tools and technologies that promote time savings, smoother processes, dealership customer retention, and help grow market share.

Learn about technology boosting the bottom line and growing efficiencies for today’s top dealerships alongside a peek into where service solutions are headed when you download this eBook. 

Tracy Fred, VP Operations — Dealer Sales and Service Solutions, Cox Automotive sat down with CBT News to discuss the 2021 Cox Automotive Service Industry Study and how dealerships can have a consumer-first focus to increase revenue.  

Fixed Ops Outlook

According to the study, 34 percent of consumers prefer dealership service centers, a 1 percentage point increase from 2018, and ahead of general repair shops and quick lube locations. And while this is great news, there is still a majority of the market dealerships aren’t capturing — translating to $214 billion in potential revenue or $13 million per franchise dealer.


Customers can go online, buy a car, and have it delivered to their homes the same week, but may have trouble scheduling a simple oil change online at the same dealership. At the 2021 Cox Automotive Fall Expo, Matt Hamby discussed how to digitize the service experience to boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and get the most out of every service transaction.   


Over time, every dealer service department forms its own set of habits. Some of these habits are harmless, some are good, some are bad, and some even impact efficiency and profitability. At the 2021 Cox Automotive Dealer User Summit, Gerald Gregory discussed the specific habits, techniques and practices that separate the good service departments from the great ones. 

A new integration between Dealertrack DMS and Xtime enables service department staff to improve parts management by adding parts directly to appointments.

Dealerships working to improve service satisfaction face an age-old, uphill battle against common misperceptions, like unnecessary repair recommendations and high costs. But, most vehicle owners simply don’t understand what’s happening under the hoods of their cars, so they need you to help them.   

Streamline rideshare transportation for your customer by scheduling Lyft’s directly on your tablet with Xtime Engage. Service Advisors now have the ability to handle more on the go and no longer need to depend on their workstation to deliver an experience customers desire.

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