Ensuring Employee Satisfaction: How Xtime Technology Fostered Success at Napleton Automotive Group 


Transforming Fixed Operations: The Xtime Advantage 

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, businesses must adapt and innovate to remain competitive, and one critical aspect is the employee experience in fixed operations. The Napleton Automotive Group, led by Danny Randolph, has leveraged Xtime technology and automotive repair estimate software to enhance service lane operations, improving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. 

Optimizing Service Lane Operations 

Implementing Xtime technology has revolutionized the way Napleton Automotive Group manages its service lane. The Xtime Best Practices Guide outlines several strategies for maximizing the utilization of service lane tools, which Napleton has effectively applied. By focusing on customer experience, efficiency, and profitability, the group has seen significant improvements in their operations. 

  • Skill Constraints & Bulk Editing Op Codes: Utilizing Xtime’s features like skill constraints and bulk editing of operation codes has streamlined the service process, ensuring that jobs are assigned to the most qualified technicians, thereby reducing turnaround time and improving job accuracy. 
  • Texting Options & Phone Automation: Enhanced communication through texting options and phone automation has enabled seamless interactions between staff and customers, leading to quicker resolutions and higher customer satisfaction. 
  • QR Codes for Online Scheduling: Introducing QR codes for online scheduling has simplified the appointment process for customers, making it easier and faster for them to book services. 

Danny Randolph highlights the impact of these tools: “If they don’t have the answer to all my questions, they know someone who does. It’s always easy to get an answer in the right amount of time in order for us to make quick decisions.” 

Watch Our Success Story 

To fully understand the transformative power of Xtime technology at Napleton Automotive Group, watch our comprehensive video case study below. Learn firsthand how these innovative solutions have fostered improved workflows, elevated customer satisfaction, and boosted overall operational efficiency. 

Enhancing Customer Engagement and Retention 

One of the standout benefits of using Xtime technology and automotive repair estimate software is the improvement in customer engagement and retention. By recapturing declined services and generating additional repair orders (ROs), Napleton Automotive Group has seen a notable increase in revenue per RO. The ability to provide transparent and trustworthy service is a significant factor in building long-term customer relationships. 

Danny Randolph underscores this transformation: “Let’s be honest, car dealerships in past generations haven’t had the best reputation. I think that’s really starting to change these days through trust and transparency. When you leverage systems like this that lay everything out for the customers … they trust it and they trust us more when we utilize tools like Xtime.” 

Watch Our Detailed Guide 

To gain an in-depth understanding of how Xtime can transform your service lane operations, watch our detailed guide below. Discover the best practices and strategies that have driven success at Napleton Automotive Group. 

Data-Driven Decision Making 

Incorporating Xtime technology and automotive repair estimate software into Napleton’s fixed operations has also facilitated data-driven decision-making. The technology provides insightful analytics that help the management team make informed decisions that enhance overall business performance. The ability to quickly access and analyze data has been crucial for making timely adjustments and improvements. 

  • Performance Management: Regular consultations with Xtime’s Performance Managers have helped Napleton set realistic goals, monitor progress, and implement effective strategies. 
  • Customer Feedback Analysis: Analyzing customer feedback through Xtime’s integrated tools has provided valuable insights into areas where the service experience can be improved, leading to continuous enhancements in service quality. 

The comprehensive data provided by Xtime allows Napleton to stay ahead of the competition by identifying trends and adapting to changing customer needs swiftly. 


The Napleton Automotive Group’s successful implementation of Xtime technology serves as a compelling example of how fixed operations technology can significantly enhance the employee experience in the automotive industry. By optimizing service lane operations, improving customer engagement, and leveraging data for informed decision-making, Napleton has set a benchmark for excellence in the industry. 

For General Managers, Service Managers, and Fixed Operations Directors looking to replicate this success, the key lies in understanding and utilizing the full potential of Xtime technology. By doing so, businesses can not only enhance employee satisfaction but also drive operational efficiency and profitability. 

Ready to transform your fixed operations? Learn more about how Xtime can elevate your business by exploring our detailed case study on Napleton Automotive Group here.  

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