Xtime Webinar Series

Xtime Webinar Series

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Xtime Engage: Maximizing Service Drive Sales & CSI

Tuesday, August 14, 2018: 12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET

Find out how Xtime Engage can improve your processes to provide the best service experience and help you better connect with your customers. In this session, learn how to activate and utilize the latest Xtime Engage features, including:

  • Suspend & Resume: Save and exit a vehicle check-in at any point and pick it back up right where you left off later
  • Pay Type Integration: Pay types for each appointment line are available within Engage to be updated and included during vehicle check-in
  • RFID Integration: MDL autoMation Service Drive Concierge customers can instantly recognize service lane arrivals directly from Engage
Advanced Shop Management: Inspect Alerts and Reports

Tuesday, November 19th: 9AM PT/ 10AM MT/ 11AM CT/ 12PM ET

Join us for this one-hour webinar to find out how Xtime can help you:

  • Uncover the ‘Secrets of Your Shop’ with next-level Inspect reporting.
  • Use Inspect Manager Alerts to make real-time impacts on MPI quality and shop efficiency.
Engage – Deliver a World-Class Walk-Around

Thursday, November 21st: 10AM PT/ 11AM MT/ 12PM CT/ 1PM ET

Watch a walk-around that utilizes best practices and Engage to deliver an interaction your customers won’t forget. Attend for improved CSI scores, loyal customers, and more dollars per RO.

Declined Services Best Practices

Tuesday, November 26th: 10AM PT/ 11AM MT/ 12PM CT/ 1PM ET

This workshop will cover best practices on how to increase upsells using Xtime Inspect:

  • Quality Inspections
  • Quality ASRs
  • Consistent Quote Delivery
  • Declined Follow-up


 Please contact your Dealer Performance Specialist, or email DPSAdmin@xtime.com and someone from Xtime or Cox Automotive will reach out.

See how Xtime delivers the ultimate service experience.


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