Service Experience by the Numbers: Quantifiable Ways to Increase Profits

One of the best ways to increase profits at your dealership is to improve the experience that vehicle owners have when visiting your service department. Customer experience, however, is a relatively soft science that’s hard to quantify and even harder to measure. Our latest infographic takes some of the mystery out of this important topic. By pairing numbers with known consumer preferences, the infographic teaches the importance of service experience and offers a set of simple evidence-based suggestions that could make a difference in your dealership today. 

Service Experience by the Numbers 

The numbers don’t lie— and they show that service experience is an important part of dealership profitability. At the average dealership, more than half — 54 percent — of gross profit is now driven by fixed ops. And, service experience is quantifiably correlated with revenue generation. For example, 50 percent of vehicle owners will drive further and pay more for an enhanced customer experience.  


Fortunately, the numbers can also give you specific direction for how to start making improvements that increase your profits. As shown in the infographic, your dealership should consider adopting the following processes and platforms proven to make a difference.   


Increase Convenience with Service Pickup and Delivery 

Today, many vehicle owners are short on time and patience. Respecting a customer’s time is an easy way to earn satisfaction and improve experience. That’s why so many vehicle owners — 89 percent — find service pickup and delivery appealing and 86 percent of consumers who have used the service were satisfied. Dealerships that offer the pickup and delivery get more than satisfied customers — they also earn more money. A surprising 51 percent of vehicle owners that used pickup and delivery had more services completed and spent an average of $275 more per repair order.  


Improve Communication with Texting, and Picture- and Video-based Messaging 

Intuitively, you already know that communication is a key to good customer relationships—and now you have evidence to support your intuition. Vehicle owners want quick, convenient, communication throughout the service process and they want it to come through their preferred channels. Not surprisingly, 89 percent of consumers want to text with businesses and 78 percent say that it’s the fastest way to reach them for service updates.  


When it comes to communication, though, transparency is even more important than convenience. Your service department needs to share enough information to earn trust and overcome common customer misperceptions — two out of three consumers don’t trust auto repair shops. That’s why some dealerships have started including pictures and videos in their messages to vehicle owners. Those messages help customers see the problems with their vehicles and understand the rationale for service recommendations. In fact, dealerships have seen a 24 percent increase in ASR conversion and a 70 percent increase in average dollars per RO when multimedia is used.  


One of the best ways to increase your profits is to improve customer experience in your service department. Because customer experience and satisfaction are such abstract concepts, dealers sometimes struggle to know how they should approach this important topic. Our new infographic pairs numbers with specific customer needs and offers concrete directions for improving service experience.  


Download the full infographic to get even more numbers and more direction for improving your dealership’s service experience.  

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