Keys to a Socially Distant Delivery

Safety for you, your team, and your service department customers is top of mind right now. 

We’ve discussed how you can keep moving forward, preparing your shop for social distancing and communicating it to your customers, but we should talk a bit more about how to make delivery convenient and socially distant. 


Concierge Pick-Up and Delivery Services 

Before we talk about traditional delivery, let’s consider an alternative that may provide some protection for your customers and employees, not to mention a first-class service experience: concierge vehicle pick-up and delivery. 


An overwhelming majority (89%) of customers already considered vehicle pick-up and delivery to be part of the ideal ownership experience, according to the Cox Automotive Reimagining the Automotive Consumer Experience Study. It’s reasonable, that in today’s environment, this becomes even more appealing, and possibly necessary. 


Take steps to evaluate the benefit of safety and efficiency for your dealership a concierge service like Clutch Technologies could bring to your business. 


Payment options 

Your customer can interact with you digitally when it’s time to pay the bill. Instead of exchanging a physical credit card, share a link in a text or email request that gives customers the option to pay for services on their desktop or mobile device. This can create incredible peace of mind, especially when customers know the payments are secure and they understand you are working to reduce interactions through the convenience of online payment options.


Repair financing options

In times of economic uncertainty, your customers may appreciate the ability to finance maintenance and repairs. Even when the waters are less choppy, according to Business Wire, 76 percent of customers say they are more likely to make a purchase if given a simple, seamless payment option. 


Communicate your service financing options by email, make it prominent during the online appointment scheduling experience, and include the options in your text and email ASR communications. It just may soften the impact of an unexpected repair on your customer’s budget, and make delivery a little more pleasant.



To navigate today’s climate, you are setting the safety of your team and customers as a top priority. You’ve made good headway. Keep going by applying best practices at service delivery to help everyone stay socially distant. 


Visit our Business Continuity Hub for more tools and resources.

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