Get Going with Virtual Training for Your Dealership

As your committed partner, we are devoted to business continuity to keep your dealership moving forward. We can help do that with virtual training of your Xtime products. Here’s what that looks like. 



Our Readiness team sets us in the right direction from the start. They match trainers to your dealership based on the number of users and your time zone. Your trainer will be available for coaching eight hours each weekday, with the time aligned to your working hours. You will connect with your trainer during GoToMeeting™ sessions for both classroom and individual meetings.  


Week Schedule


Day 1

During an opening virtual meeting with your leadership team, we will talk through your unique operations. This will help us understand what your dealership needs to get the most from your tools. During an Admin Review, we’ll set up the back end of the system based on what we learn in the opening meeting. 

When that’s all set, we’ll establish a training agenda based on your staffing level and schedule. 

You will designate one or two people onsite at your dealership to partner with us in championing the new processes and facilitating training sessions. 


Day 2-4 

We’re working in a fluid landscape in today’s socially distanced reality. With that in mind, we will update and customize your agenda throughout the training timeframe as needed. We want you to be confident in the use of your solution once training wraps. 

Your trainer will remain available to you on a live GoToMeeting™ session for ongoing questions throughout the process. Within Xtime chat, your trainer will be available to techs, the parts team, and advisors for quick help. 

Each evening, you can expect a training summary of the day. 


Day 5 

To conclude the week, we will hold an Exit Review that focuses on your team members and identification of any risk to your ongoing success so that you can formulate a game plan.  

Then it’s time to meet your performance manager. After your trainer reviews the training results with your performance manager, you can expect a call. Your performance manager will have a solid knowledge of your operations as you begin to partner on reaching your goals. 

We would love to be there in person to coach you through your training needs. It’s not possible right now, but know we are here for you in every way. 

Welcome to Xtime. 

Visit our Business Continuity Hub for more tools and resources.

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