OEM Benefits

Unprecedented insights from a global network

Measure the success of your products in real time to help dealers deliver on their promises to customers.

Empower Your Network

OEMs need a 360-degree snapshot of their products in order to help dealers deliver their promises to the customers. Building the latest technology into the vehicles enables OEMs to be a consistent part of the network and understand in real time what’s working and what’s not.

Elevate Your Brand

Consistency is the driving force of a good brand. A unified view of all touchpoints ensures the best customer experience, from timely service recommendations to transparent pricing and the ability to answer all service calls.


Loyalty Pays

It’s been proven that service loyalty drives repurchase loyalty. Keeping your customers in the dealer service channel not only increases the likelihood of future car purchases from you, it more immediately generates highly profitable parts revenue for both the dealer and the OEM. An increase in a few points of customer retention can mean millions in incremental revenue.

Retention: The True Value of Telematics

In an on-demand world, convenience and trust are paramount to customer satisfaction, which is why today’s sophisticated telematics systems were designed with these elements in mind. This end-to-end platform intuitively connects drivers to their dealers by sending alerts and diagnostics via email and allowing the owner to schedule appointments at the push of a button.


A Global Network

By powering the customer relationship management application while also tapping into each dealer’s DMS, Xtime’s cloud-based platform takes the OEM network global. When it comes to measuring critical metrics, Xtime gives OEMs unprecedented insights into the interactions that drive their service operations.

See how Xtime delivers the ultimate service experience.