Jim Roche, Vice President of Marketing and Managed Services

Jim Roche brings over 30 years of automotive fixed operations experience. Previously, Jim was founder and Chief Executive Officer of AutoPoint, where he was the visionary and driving force behind the development of the industry’s first multichannel marketing platform, its adoption by hundreds of dealers and its subsequent acquisition by SRS; Solera acquired SRS in 2013. Over the course of his career, Jim has visited over 2,000 dealerships, offering his expertise to create modern experiences that generate growth and profitability. Currently, Jim is VP, Marketing & Managed Services for Cox Automotive’s Xtime, where he’s responsible for automotive industry and brand positioning while driving marketing’s strategic impact on business.

Prior to AutoPoint, Jim was CEO of Ocentrix Inc., which developed a modern technology automotive dealership management system. Jim has also served as Vice President of Product Management at Autobytel, where he oversaw the Autobytel product portfolio and drove the development of the RPM CRM platform, and as Senior Vice President of Operations at Newgen during the company’s rapid growth to over 5,000 dealerships and its 1999 IPO. While at Newgen, Jim oversaw the creation of the automotive industry’s first web-based on-demand marketing tool, Carabunga.com.

Jim Roche is a public speaker and has published numerous articles on automotive fixed operations, technology and retention.

Jim Roche, A Thought Leader on Automotive Fixed Operations

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