Xtime Customer Kit

Check out these tips, tricks and resources for making sure your customers know how much value you are providing them.

When you know how to speak about the technology that powers your dealership – and what sets it apart from the competition – your customers will realize how much more you’re doing for them. On this page, you’ll find educational material to help employees at all levels learn more about what customers want in a service experience and how to meet those expectations. We’ve also included images you can use to showcase your dealerships investment in the lastest service technology, through your own channels.

Leverage Your Investment on Social

When you’ve taken steps to improve your business, your customers deserve to know. Get the word out on social with ready to go images. Use our copy, or add your own, and spread the word about what your dealership is doing right.

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Market Your Online Service Scheduling Experience

How are other dealers leveraging their technology investment? Check out this advertisement from Nelson Mazda for an example of how you can promote your superior service experience to attract more customers.

Customer Experience Best Practices

Follow these best practices to increase retention, boost satisfaction, and maximize your customers’ experience.

Tips for Techs: Enhanced Multi-Media

Enhanced Multi-Media is your customers' behind-the-scenes look at your service lane, so creating professional, informative videos when sharing your service recommendations is important. Take a look at a few best practices and common mistakes below.

Effective Media Capture & Presentation

Tiffani Stefanescu walks through each video below, touching on what makes a successful Enhanced Multi-Media video. 

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Best Practices

This video demonstrates a well-organized and professional walkaround. This is your opportunity to make a great impression, build trust and transparency, and create lifelong service customers.

Shaky Camera and Poor Transitions

It’s important to be professional and positive when speaking directly to a customer. This video shows an example of a poorly worded greeting and non-constructive maintenance feedback. Note the high level of background noise as well.

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Casual and Negative Feedback

Make sure to cater to various levels of mechanical understanding when speaking directly to a customer. Rough camera work and lack of guiding narration can make it tricky for the customer to follow along with the service tech, as depicted in this video.

Webinar: Maximizing the Customer Experience

If you want the full story, join Xtime Performance Manager Tiffani Stefanescu, with special guest Patti Tremonti, managing partner at MTN Automotive Training Systems, for a webinar all about improving the customer experience with Xtime. Topics include:

  • Making appointment scheduling seamless for customers
  • Best practices for greeting service appointment customers
  • Keeping the customer updated and satisfied while their vehicle is being worked on
  • Effective follow-up steps to keep the customer coming back and increase retention
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