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Maximize Your Service Department’s Potential

Improve customer experience, fixed ops processes and efficiencies, and elevate your performance with easy-to-use Xtime Schedule.

Maximize Your Service Department’s Potential

Improve customer experience, fixed ops processes and efficiencies, and elevate your performance with easy-to-use Xtime Schedule.


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Start Here for a More Productive Service Lane 

Robust shop management and scheduling controls from Xtime Schedule can help your service department operate with maximum efficiency, while making the service experience convenient and easy for your customers.

Fixed Ops Drives Over 54% of Dealership Gross Profit

Are you maximizing your service department’s revenue potential?

Xtime Schedule helps maximize your revenue potential by improving retention, streamlining operations, and elevating overall customer experience.


Xtime Schedule Dealership Impact

Dealerships that use Xtime Schedule have enjoyed real fixed operations growth:

0 %

Increase in retention

0 x

Return on investment

Additional repair orders
generated per month

Source: Data from all Xtime dealers between August 2022 and July 2023.

Elevate Everything

Revenue. Operations. Experience. Efficiency.

Xtime Schedule is a service appointment scheduling software that helps you capture and drive more business through consistent transparency, delivering a better service experience.


Convenient and Powerful Scheduling Capabilities

With Xtime Schedule, you can make it easier for your customers to book service appointments the way they want, including online and on their phone, making it digital and convenient.

Clean and Customizable Pricing Menus

Want to drive higher revenue while also strengthening your customer’s trust in your service department? Xtime Schedule allows you to build customizable menu recommendations that improve the customer experience with consistent service presentation and pricing to increase dollars per repair order.


A Powerful Tool to Boost Your Service Business

With a range of integrations, including recalls, declined services, and promotions, you are able to follow up with customers at key times to maximize your opportunity to drive fixed ops business.

What Do Other Dealers Say?

“Xtime changed the game. Now we have complete control over our operation and can offer our customers a better experience while maximizing sales per repair order.”

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Bryan Smith
General Manager, Toronto Honda and Toronto Kia

Source: Xtime Data, Period analyzed Dec. 2019-Nov. 2020 

Don’t Miss Out on More Fixed Ops Revenue

Grow Your Business and Retain Customers — A Superior Service Experience Starts Here.

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Xtime is a powerful service technology consisting of four tightly connected products that help your dealership drive profits and retain customers.


average additional monthly repair orders

Target specific repairs or maintenance, market to distinct audience segments, incentivize appointments in the time slots you need to fill and keep your shop capacity sold.


0 /mo.
additional ROs generated

Create a superior lane experience with the personalized check-in tool that enables tablet reception of self-check-in.


$ 0
boost per repair order on average

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with a multipoint inspection process integrated with customer approvals.

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