Increase Profits with
Convenient & Transparent
Multipoint Inspections

Real service department results come with Xtime Inspect.

Increase Profits with
Convenient & Transparent
Multipoint Inspections

Real service department results come with Xtime Inspect.

Are You Leaving $214 Billion in Potential Revenue on the Table?

Without a consistent, digital inspection process, you don’t have the visibility necessary to track opportunities to improve. You need an intuitive technology solution that delivers a more convenient and transparent experience, so you don’t miss out on your cut of more than $214 billion dollars in potential revenue. 


Maximize shop efficiency and effectiveness while growing ASR approvals.

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Boost per Repair Order

Source: Xtime Data, Period analyzed Mar. 2021-Feb. 2022

It Starts with Trust

Trust is one of the 4 most important qualities your customers consider when they choose a service providerand once they become a customer, 53 percent are loyal to your service department because you developed that trustWith Xtime Inspect, you build a customer’s faith in you with transparency, enhancing the way you inspect vehicles and communicate recommendations and service updates. Believing in you and your recommendations leads to more approvals and higher profits.  

Seeing is believing.

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Dollar per RO Uplift when attaching Video to ASRs

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Sources: Xtime dealer data Mar 29–Aug 1, 2021

Could Your Multipoint Inspection Improve Consumer Trust?

These are the keys to consistency and productivity in your service department along with satisfaction for your customer. 

Use them to jumpstart increased profits and customer retention


Custom Multipoint Inspection Process

Get maximum shop control, efficiency, and effectiveness with a uniform, digital inspection process, so that you can identify additional revenue opportunities and operational improvements with real-time dashboards and scoreboards that display your critical KPIs.

Easy Picture and Video Capture and Share

Take and send video to your customers with Enhanced Multi-Media. With robust video capability and mobile app support, Enhanced Multi-Media drives increased customer transparency and dollars per repair order.

It’s All About Results
Backed by the Power of Cox Automotive

Mobile Access

Give technicians the ability to perform inspections from their iOS or Android device so they can capture notes and pictures at any time. The data collected is updated in real time so your techs don’t lose time switching from phone to desktop.

Advanced In-Dealership Communications

Enable an exceptional collaboration experience with Intra-Dealer Chat. With the ability to share rich media among dealership personnel, and filter chats by RO status, Intra-Dealer Chat can help boost efficiency and profits while enhancing the way your service department communicates.

recapture declined services

Real-Time Customer Status Updates

Keep your customers informed while you free up your advisors’ time. With Service Tracker, your customers receive service status updates in the palm of their hand for improved transparency, eliminating the need for multiple phone calls to their advisor while improving customer satisfaction.

Customer Payment Options

Increase dollars per repair order by making it easy to say yes to pricy repairs when you provide your customers with easy-to-use service financing options using FlexPay. Available with service financing partners DigniFi and Sunbit. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 5.28.15 PM

Enhanced Multi-Media and Improved Service Experience

Visual documentation from photos and videos makes it easier to say yes to service and repair recommendations while ensuring you have the customer’s best interest in mind.

Automatic Declined Services Capture

Store all declined service recommendations for later customer follow up and a centralized service history reference at the next visit.


When your Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations are all in sync, you win.

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more leads per month

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more deals closed

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more per repair order

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more monthly revenue

Your digital solutions should be more than the sum of their parts. Backed by Cox Automotive data, Xtime is part of the connected set of solutions that delivers elevated profits, next-level consumer experiences, and efficient workflows across all departments. 

Grow Satisfaction and Profits

Trust through transparency and ongoing performance improvement starts here.

What Do Other Dealers Say?

“Inspect is the lifeblood of what we do here on a daily basis. It offers us amazing insight into finding sales opportunities.” 

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Bryan Smith
General Manager, Toronto Honda and Toronto Kia

Source: Xtime Data, Period analyzed Dec. 2019-Nov. 2020 


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Xtime Optimizes Fixed Ops

Find greater efficiency and drive revenue with powerful service technologies that will bring customers in and keep them loyal to your dealership.

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increase in retention

Keep customers coming back with the convenience of online and mobile automotive service appointment scheduling software. 

additional ROs per month
Create a superior lane experience with the personalized check-in tool that enables tablet reception of self-check-in.
average additional monthly repair orders

Target repairs, incentivize appointments, keep your shop capacity fully sold.


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