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Your service department’s  focus has accelerated in the direction of a fully digital customer experienceand it’s exactly what your customer expects todayXtime is ready to help you do business and interact with your customers, wherever they may be. Right now, convenience is key.

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Increase in Retention with Xtime Schedule

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Average Lift per Repair Order with Xtime Engage

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Boost per Repair Order with Xtime Inspect


Additional ROs Generated per Month with Xtime Invite

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Your Profits and Customer Loyalty Start with Experience

Your service department is a complex operation divideinto distinct processes and efficiently defined roles. And every one of those roles and their processes need a software system.  


But when your customers have their vehicles in for maintenance or service, they don’t care where one role ends or where the next software system begins. For them, it’s all one, single service experience, and your dealership needs to make it as smooth, seamless, and efficient as possible. 

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Create the Ultimate End-to-End Service Experience

When it’s all connected, you’re doing it right. Xtime Spectrum is the combination of four tightly linked products: Schedule, Engage, Inspect, and Invite. When these products are used together, you tie the entire service experience together — from appointment booking to recapturing declined services — for a rich, engaging, digital customer experience that helps you drive dollars per RO and customer loyalty


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Increase in Retention

Keep your customers coming back with the convenience of online and mobile automotive service appointment scheduling software along with service pickup and delivery options, including Rideshare Powered by Lyft. The superior customer service experience starts here. Make service easy for your customer and maximize your service department’s potential with Schedule’s robust shop management and scheduling controls. 

Period Analyzed: Dec. 2018-Nov. 2019


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Average Lift per Repair Order

Boost dealership customer retention and dollars per RO when you exceed customer expectations. Create a superior service lane experience with this robust tool that facilitates a personalized check-in with tablet reception or self check-in, instant access to declined services, and text communication to drive results for your business. 

Period analyzed: Dec. 2018-Nov. 2019


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Boost per Repair Order

Inspire trust through transparency with the right digital vehicle inspection software. Boost revenue, increase shop efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction with Inspect’s built-in digital multipoint inspection process integrated with customer approvals. You’ll be able to chat internally and check parts inventory, and your customers will be able to see service status updates in the palm of their hand through the Service Tracker add-on. All of this with one powerful tool. 

Period analyzed: Dec. 2018-Nov. 2019



Additional Repair Orders Generated per Month

Use Invite to bring service customers in the door and focus on automotive industry customer retention to recapture declined services. With this tool, you can target specific repairs or maintenance and market to distinct audience segments. You can also use this powerful demand generation platform to incentivize appointments in the time slots you need to fill — keep your shop capacity sold. 

Period analyzed: Dec. 2018-Nov. 2019


40-50% Who Bought a Car at a Dealership
Will Not Return for Service

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Retain Customers with a Seamless Sales-to-Service Handoff

Converting new vehicle buyers to loyal service customers can have a great impact on your fixed operations success.  


According to Xtime data, the average customer pay repair order value is approximately $380. That means every customer that isn’t retained equates to real money walking out the door. If you could capture that first service appointment, and customer loyalty, from even a portion of the 50 percent of car buyers that don’t return for service after they purchase their new vehicle, what could it do for your dealership?  

Traditionally, you’ve asked your salespeople to walk to the service department to introduce a sales customer to an advisor in hopes you can foster a relationship to retain that buyer as a service customer.  


Today, this process is met with two challenges: 

  • More buyers are completing the purchase process digitally  
  • It hasn’t proven an effective means of retention 


You can make the process easier and more productive. With the Xtime and VinSolutions first service appointment integration, your salesperson does not have to disrupt the selling process or disturb the customer in the midst of a large purchase decision with a trip to the service department.  

This integration inserts the entire first service appointment process into your salesperson’s workflow. They can book the service appointment in a single window, without exiting VinSolutions Connect CRM. Xtime automatically imports customer information and once maintenance is booked, appointment confirmation and reminder notifications are sent to your customer’s phone.  


Your customer will have the ability to tap the message and modify their appointment in Xtime Schedule if needed. When your customer arrives at the dealership for service, any contact information updates that happen in Xtime are automatically synced with VinSolutions Connect CRM, keeping it up to date. 

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1 Xtime dealer data March 29 – July 25, 2020
2 Analysis performed using 2480 Xtime Spectrum Inspect dealerships

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