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Xtime Spectrum

Xtime Spectrum is a cloud-based solution that integrates all customer service touch points into an exceptional user experience.

Retaining customers is the single most important issue facing dealers and manufacturers today. Creating and maintaining loyal service customers is key to maximizing labor and parts sales and capturing follow-ups on vehicle purchases.

Today’s dealer systems do not deliver the positive service retail experience customers demand. This lack of capability results, on average, in a 50% defection rate, leaving 25% unsold service capacity and an average of $400,000 each year in lost gross profit for the service department.
Each dealer has the potential to retain its customers but needs a solution to unlock that potential. Xtime provides that solution—
The Xtime Retention System.

Xtime Cloud

Included in ALL products

Factory Service Menus



Dealer Recommendations


Online Bill Pay

Pricing and Discounts


Declined Services

Shop Management




  • Invite

    • The future of service marketing. Launch targeted, time-based promotions and measure program performance in real time.
    • Opportunity Dashboard
    • Lost Souls Recapture
    • Deferred Services
    • Service Reminders
    • Timeslot Discounting
    • Performance Dashboard
  • Schedule

    • The next generation, multi-channel, service scheduling solution. Attract consumers with online, mobile and in-vehicle service scheduling.
    • Online Booking
    • Mobile Booking
    • Dealer Booking
    • Call Center Booking
    • Parts & Labor Menu Pricing
    • Bookable Menus
  • Engage

    • The mobile, point-of-service solution. Perform key sales and admin functions from anywhere in the dealer.
    • Rapid Reception
    • Walk-Around
    • Menu Presentation
    • Two-Way Text Messaging
    • Tire Selling
    • Status Boards
  • Inspect

    • Boost revenues and streamline service operations by connecting a powerful electronic inspection tool with interactive customer approvals.
    • Multi-Point Inspection
    • Mobile Media Capture
    • Online Approvals
    • Repair Quoting
    • Inspection Dashboard
    • Dealership Chat

*Requires original equipment manufacturer (OEM) integration
**Requires use of Dealer Tire

See how Xtime delivers the industry’s best end-to-end retention solution.


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