Strongpoint Automotive Group Boosts Employee Engagement Using Technology

As an experienced service director, Robert Lackey understands how challenging it can be to keep fixed ops employees engaged following an acquisition. Even under the best of circumstances, team members are forced to endure the discomfort of learning new systems and processes. But when Strongpoint Automotive Group finalized the buy/sell of Oklahoma City Volkswagen, he quickly realized that the transition would be even more challenging than expected.


“It was really clear that these employees had no direction and had no management for quite a long time. They were completely disengaged with their current processes…and getting them to buy into anything going forward was going to be tough.”


Robert knew that providing the right technology tools was the first step in the process of reengaging new team members. The group implemented a variety of our solutions, which along with other process changes, brought back a sense of accountability, ownership, and engagement.

That employee engagement resulted in increased productivity, customer engagement, and profits. VW of Oklahoma City was able to achieve:

  • $654,000+ declined services
 potential captured in three months
  • $41+ average additional sales per check-in
  • 1,026 check-ins performed
over three months with Engage

Robert recognizes the importance of those improvements, but he’s also quick to point out the benefits to service employees, who enjoyed higher job satisfaction and better compensation.


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