Service Pickup and Delivery: Give Customers the Convenience They Demand

To retain customers and increase profitability, your dealership must improve the experience vehicle owners have in your service department. That means resolving common complaints about service, including the inconvenience of travelling to and from the dealership, and waiting for service to be completed. One of the best ways to resolve those common concerns is offering service pickup and delivery right from your online scheduler.  


Increasing Expectations for Convenience  


Demands for convenience are nothing new—convenience has always been at the heart of good customer experiences. In today’s busy world, however, customers have increasingly high expectations, which explains why 89 percent of consumers find the idea of service pickup and delivery appealing. Because those same consumers are enjoying concierge experiences in other areas of their lives—with restaurant and grocery delivery services, for example—they’re beginning to expect them from dealerships.  


The Benefits of Service Pickup and Delivery  


Recognizing its importance to their customers, many dealerships have already adopted this emerging service technology. Those that are offering service pickup and delivery have found that it’s having a positive impact on customer experience, with 86 percent of customers reporting satisfaction with their experience (Cox Automotive, 2020).  


More importantly, that increase in satisfaction is translating into profitability for dealerships. That’s because 51 percent of vehicle owners that used pickup and delivery had more services completed and spent $275 more per repair order. Others have noticed that customers who use the service are more likely to say yes to additional service recommendations (Fixed Ops Journal, 2020).   


While impressive, profitability increases are only one reason to start offering service pickup and delivery. It’s also becoming a source of competitive advantage for dealerships. In fact, 82 percent of consumers who have used pickup and delivery are likely to choose one dealership over another based on the availability of the service (Cox Automotive, 2020). With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why service pickup and delivery is quickly become a hallmark offering of top performing dealerships, with 65 percent of top-performers offering the service, compared to only 49 percent of average or below-average dealerships doing the same (Cox Automotive 2021).  


The best dealerships have always focused on making the service experience convenient. In today’s busy world, dealerships that don’t respect customers’ time will have a very hard time succeeding. One of the best ways to add convenience to your service experience is to integrate service pickup and delivery into your online scheduler. In addition to their satisfaction, service customers will reward your dealership with their dollars and their long-term loyalty.  


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