When customers decline service recommendations, it can be easy to get stuck playing the waiting game. And eventually you resign yourself to the harsh reality that some other business will probably perform the service that you recommended. You turn the page, chalk it up to life in the service lane and move on to the next opportunity. But what if you looked at your declined services a little differently? What if you viewed them as opportunities instead of lost causes?

Change the Declined Services Game

Hiley Automotive Group, a 14-store dealership based in Fort Worth Texas, got tired of playing the waiting game with their declined services. Because they relied on individual staff members to record, remember and remind customers about services declined in the past, the dealership was constantly losing customers to competitors. A few years ago, Hiley Automotive implemented Xtime Spectrum, which completely changed the game for declined services.

“For the first time, we actually had a game plan,” said Kathy Kelley, business development center manager at Hiley Automotive Group. “Xtime lets us pull declined service reports recorded during multipoint inspections to build targeted outbound campaigns to get customers back in. The system sends emails automatically then queues up outbound calls, including service-specific scripts for our call center representatives.” Now, instead of treating declined services as a loss, Hiley Automotive views them as an opportunity. In fact, since implementing Xtime Spectrum, the dealership is setting approximately 385 declined service appointments per month, returning $96,000 in revenue monthly and winning customers back at a high rate.

Build Better Service Relationships

Declined services are a reality of the auto service industry. But the moment you start viewing them as an opportunity to make money and build better service relationships, you can take your declined service game to the next level too. To learn more about Hiley Automotive Group’s approach to declined services, watch as Kathy Kelley “gets animated” about the benefits of auto repair software from Xtime.

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