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Drive Revenue & Retention with a Connected End-to-End Customer Experience

Your customers already had high expectations of convenience and ease that were based on their experiences with online retail shopping and other technology-forward services like air travel that put everything they need in the palm of their hand. Those preferences propelled in 2020 as the mobile-first expectations that had been growing became a must for your service department too. You need to fulfill your customers’ needs in a seamless process. And today, you have to do that digitally. Each customer interaction should lead to another, natural next step and email and text communication should continue after a customer checks out of the shop, creating a service experience that is fully connected. 


What is an End-to-End Solution? 


An end-to-end solution ensures each stage of the service experience is linked to the next. Your service department is a complex operation and, from a logistical standpoint, it makes sense to divide it into distinct processes and efficiently defined parts and roles. In today’s high-tech world, every one of those roles and their processes need software support. But when your customers drop off their vehicles for maintenance or service, they don’t care where one role ends or how the technology you use impacts your processes. For them, it’s all one, single service experience, and your dealership needs to make it as smooth, seamless, and efficient as possible. 


How Do You Create a Service Experience that Doesn’t End? 


Great service departments never stop cultivating the customer experience. They retain and create repeat customers that return over and over again. Theturn the end of one service visit into the beginning of the next. And that means capturing and storing information—including previously declined services—across the customer journey. 


Communications like text or email marketing remind customers of what happened (and what didn’t) during previous service visits, keep the conversation going. They promote consistency, build trust, and improve the customer experience. These digital touchpoints are where you can talk about previously declined services and possibly offer discounts. But these communications must be personalized and they must remind the customer they have a true relationship with you and your staff.  


One Connected Solution 


Identify one end-to-end service experience platform with a full suite of connected solutions to optimize a best-in-class digital customer experience every step of the way, while also driving profits for your dealership. 


From check-in to check-out and in between, you can create the high-quality digital interactions your customers expect and drive the growth your dealership needs. 

The First Impression 


The customer experience kicks off with appointment scheduling. Keep your customers coming back with the convenience of online and mobile appointment scheduling while maximizing your service department’s potential with a tool that includes robust shop management and scheduling controls. You can show your customers the five-star experience they will get from your service department when they see service pick-up and delivery options to choose from when they book their appointment.   


Personal Attention — Even from a Distance 


Whether your customer brings their car in for service in person or chooses a service pick-up option, you need to roll out the red carpet. With the right technology, your customers can check-in to their appointment from their phone, advisors can complete the check-in and a walk-around using their tablet with service history, recommendations, and recalls at their fingertips, and all communication can be sent by text message. You need to create a truly personalized experience, that includes flexible payment options, to help grow dealership customer retention and ROs.  


Inspections Done Right 


Multipoint inspections seem so straight forward, but there is a lot happening in this stage of the service visit that can impact the customer experience. If you want to boost revenue and improve customer satisfaction with a built-in digital multipoint inspection process, you need the right technology 


Look for a digital multipoint inspection tool that facilitates picture and video captures you can attach to additional service recommendations for faster customer approvalsAlso consider a service tracker capability that puts status updates in the palm of the customers hand and frees up your service advisors. Boost your internal efficiencies with a solution that facilitates chat for your internal team and allows you to check parts inventory.  


Connect the Ends 


The service experience starts with booking the appointment, but it does not end with service check-out or delivery — it is a continuous cycle. Between service visits, you need a powerful demand generation and marketing tool. Look for technology that helps you visualize and incentivize appointments in time slots you need to fill and focus on retention to recapture declined services. Find a solution that provides text marketing to increase customer engagement and awareness with an expanded reach and targeted campaign opportunities. 


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