Visualize and target unsold shop capacity
with service promotions.

Increase overall shop efficiency, retain new customers and recapture lost souls with Xtime Invite.

Dashboard Screen Shot

Opportunity Dashboard

Dashboard Screen Shot

Digital Communications

Scheduling with Promotions Screen Shot

Performance Measurement

Attract business customers and get results

Powerful demand generation capability

Integrated scheduling and customer touchpoints

Visualize and target unsold shop capacity

Service Reminders, Lost Souls, Seasonal Specials, Declined Services and more included with Invite

Personalize with outbound BDC tools

Increase revenue and loyal service customers

24 lost souls recaptured per month

1.9 years since last visit

$316 customer pay revenue per recaptured lost soul

4.8 to 1 customer pay gross profit ROI on lost souls

Data based on average Xtime dealers as of Q3’2016.

See how Xtime delivers the ultimate service experience.