The Nissan SWS Program is Now NCAR Service and ICAR-X — and You Get the Reward

Give your customers the safe, digital service experience they want. Take advantage of sign up incentives with Xtime, now available for a limited time.

Easy-to-use service lane technology and expertise to help you meet changing customer expectations.

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Improve Customer Experience to Grow Revenue

From online scheduling and mobile check-in to an interactive MPI and online payment features, support your customer with a safe service experience they can engage in from their mobile device.  


Now is the time to take advantage of sign up incentives with Xtime.

Limited time Xtime offer available for qualified dealerships.


50% Discount on First 2 Months for Lite to Full Suite Upgrade

September 2020 — October 2020

Eligibility: The discount will apply to Xtime products only and excludes any DMS or other third party fees 

Condition: Participating dealers may not delay implementation beyond November 30, 2020

50% Discount on First 2 Months for Full Suite Enrollment

Eligibility: Dealerships not currently enrolled with Xtime and excludes any DMS or other third party fees 

Condition: Participating dealers may not delay implementation beyond November 30, 2020

Take advantage of an additional $5000 of program incentives from NNA. See NCAR Service and ICAR-X Discount program details for full eligibility information in your NNA Bulletins Nissan Reference: NP SB/20-595 and Infiniti Reference: IPSB / 20-410


Grow Fixed Ops with Us

Xtime is an end-to-end software service solution that amplifies customer loyalty and revenue for automotive dealers in each stage of the service process. We do this by providing easy-to-use technology and industry experts that help you meet changing customer expectations.  


We are a committed NCAR Service and ICAR-X  partner helping deliver the ultimate service experience. 

Program Overview

Choose from two NCAR Service and ICAR-X certified packages.

Deliver a superior service lane experience and grow fixed operations with a certified provider that seamlessly integrates with multiple NNA platforms. There are two packages available to you — Full Suite and Lite. We are ready to partner with you in your fixed operations success.  


*Results provided by NNA for dealerships on NCAR Service ICAR-X 

*For eligibility rules see NCAR Service and ICAR-X


Ready to Create the Ultimate Service Experience in your Dealership?

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Online Scheduling

Mobile Scheduling

Dealer Scheduling

Call Center Scheduling

Menu Pricing

Bookable Menus

Owner Portal

Marketing Integration with Nissan

Capacity Based Scheduling

DMS Compatibility


Tablet Reception

Walk Around

Menu Presentation

Tire Selling




Self Check-In


Payment Inspection Dashboard

Xtime Mobile App

Dealership Chat

Digital Multipoint Inspection

Mobile Media Capture

Inspection Estimate

Online Approvals

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