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Uncover New Inventory Acquisition Opportunities from your Service Lanes


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You know the importance of looking anywhere and everywhere for inventory acquisition opportunities.

By adding Xtime Schedule with Kelley Blue Book Service Drive Acquisition, dealers can put your service lanes to work to enhance your sourcing strategy, build a loyal customer base, and drive profitability.

Sourcing from your own service lanes has several advantages:
Three easy ways to give customers a trusted offer:
  1. Send Instant Cash Offer invite emails to customers before they come in for service

  2. Create an Instant Cash Offer while the vehicle is in your service lane (with or without customer present)

  3. Invite customers to complete an Instant Cash Offer after their appointment
Choose the right trade-in solutions:
Analyze your upcoming service appointments
Invite customers to complete an Instant Cash Offer
Evaluate each vehicle's fit for your inventory and market
Optimize your purchasing performance with the Global Acquisition dashboard

Combining Xtime and Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer together allows you to use your service department as part of your used vehicle sourcing strategy at no additional cost to your dealership.

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