Elevate your profits with the only end-to-end solution that delivers the service experience your customers demand.

Your customer expects more. More digital. More convenient. Take the service experience to new heights when you deliver what your customer expects today. The following resources have been hand-picked to help you and your team prepare for your demo.

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Toronto Honda and Toronto Kia lacked control over the flow of business to their service department. Since moving to Xtime, they offer their customers a better experience while maximizing sales per repair order. 

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Elevate profits by delivering the service experience your customers demand with Xtime.  Hear from Lindsay Spiek, Director Inside Sales about how to put the entire service process in the palm of your customer’s hands.

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Joel Adames explains how Honda of Downtown Chicago secures declined services and grows profit with Xtime. Using Xtime Invite, they captured 64 additional appointments in one month and continues successful collaboration with their Performance Manager. 

There is a lot that goes into the decision to purchase technology, or change the technology, in your service department. This buyer’s kit is the key to finding the best solution for your service department.

Only Spectrum elevates your service operations with a technology-enhanced experience, so you can deliver on vehicle owners’ higher expectations while driving retention and profitability.

David Foutz, Vice President of Sales at Xtime, and Tully Williams, Parts & Service Director at The Niello Company, have outlined five key opportunities in the service process where dealers can win business. 

Choosing the right technology for your service department is no small feat. Use this guide to discuss concerns and questions about fixed ops software adoption with your stakeholders.


Capture and drive service business and increase retention by providing a better experience with Schedule. Keep your customers coming back with the convenience of online and mobile service appointment software. 

Change isn’t always easy, but it can be managed. Use this guide to get set for successful service lane technology implementation.

Communicate throughout the lifecycle, increase revue and recapture declined services and lost souls with Invite. 

Reduce special parts inventory and increase service department efficiency and profitability. 

Grow fixed operations when you exceed customer expectations. Improve your service process with instant access to menus, inspections, recalls, tires and service history. 

Inspire trust through transparency with the right digital inspection software. Boost revenue, increase shop efficiency and improvev customer satisfaction. 

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Give your service department customers a convenient, on-demand transportation option that is completely integrated into your service process. 

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More profitable fixed operations start with the customer experience. And right now, the service experience your customers want is more digital and more convenient. 


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