Calgary BMW

‘Customers like Xtime Online Scheduling – and Better Overall Organization Means More Billable Hours.’

Calgary BMW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, started using Xtime hosted service CRM (customer relationship management) systems to improve fixed operations about three years ago. Its installation immediately resolved serious costly confusion.

“We had lots of double bookings and managing the shop was a real challenge,” said Service Manager Jeremy Kosior, who recalled how booking appointments through the dealership’s dealer management system “was lousy at showing our true capacity on any given day. It was hard to control.”

We now have a much better picture of what is going on in the shop on any given day

On the other hand, Kosior said, “Xtime is very easy to learn. A new user is comfortable booking appointments within a few hours.”

Kosior was shop production manager at the dealership prior to his promotion to service manager. He brought Xtime into the department. “We now have a much better picture of what is going on in the shop on any given day so we don’t double or over book, either services or loaners. Should a customer cancel we now quickly re-book the time so we maximize capacity at all times
“Because our processes are now more convenient and easier, it makes the service experience more productive and pleasant for both our customers and my staff,” he said. Kosior manages 28 technicians working out of 25 service bays, and eight service writers. The department processes about 1800 customers a month.

The shop’s use of Xtime:
  • Simplifies appointment scheduling: Because customers self-book appointments online, service staff is better able to focus on in-store customers and work in progress. Online scheduling is becoming an increasingly popular for the dealership’s customers, Kosior said, noting 123 confirmed appointments one recent month.
  • Improves customer engagement: Xtime’s online service e-menu encourages customers to select not only services right for their make, model and mileage, but upsell options.
  • Drives greater efficiencies: Xtime management reports present key data as Health Check Cards. These data points help managers take advantage of performance results and opportunities.
Proven results

This table provides a snapshot of a recent month’s performance using Xtime at Calgary BMW:

Online Scheduling Show Rate


Online Scheduling RO Performance

Total RO value: $50,984

Number of ROs: 48

Average RO value: $1,062

In-Dealership Scheduling Show Rate


Total RO Performance

Total RO value: $691,861

Number of ROs: 869

Average RO value: $ 796

Increasing convenience

Xtime performance metrics show that increasing numbers of customers are booking service appointments using the dealership’s automotive scheduling software. “We aren’t advertising this feature,” Kosior said, “so the growth is word-of-mouth.”

A month’s study of web scheduling shows customers selected from the e-menu 126 services, searched 78 appointment day and time availabilities , and booked 56 appointments, of which eight cancelled. Web cancellations are more convenient for customers, as they avoid wait times to speak to an advisor, Kosior noted. “Even that makes it easier for customers to do business with Calgary BMW.”

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