Audi St. Paul

‘Xtime Delivers an 82% Appointment Show Rate — and Xtime ServiceTab Impresses Customers’

Audi St. Paul in Maplewood, MN, started using Xtime hosted service CRM (customer relationship management) systems to improve fixed operations two years ago. The system is used as well at sister dealerships, Audi Minneapolis, Porsche of Minneapolis, Mercedes of Maplewood, and Porsche of St. Paul.

Ross Corey is Service Manager for Audi St. Paul. He manages 13 technicians working out of 19 service bays, has six advisors, and the shop processes more than 1,150 repair orders a month. The dealership utilizes Xtime Online Scheduling and Xtime ServiceTab, a mobile point-of-sale tool that enables service advisors to develop a consultative sales relationship with customers by spending more face-to-face time with them.

The change in shop efficiencies, improvement in scheduling, and more productive techs are the kind of results that make everyone’s life easier.
His shop’s use of Xtime:
  • Simplifies appointment scheduling: Because increasing numbers of customers self-book appointments online or through the dealership’s call center the service staff is better able to focus on in-store customers and work in progress.
  • Improves customer engagement: By getting advisors out from behind desks and onto the service drive, their interaction with customers is more personal. As a result, customers feel more important and are more trusting of advisor recommendations.
  • Drives greater efficiencies: Automated service processes help organize and plan workflow.
Smarter scheduling

With Xtime managing the appointment booking and check-in process, Corey says appointment scheduling is now easier. “Plus, now with just a few clicks to Xtime’s automotive scheduling software I can change settings to spread workload to avoid bottlenecks and maximize technician use.”

Because of the 360-degree view Xtime provides into shop workflow and booked work, it gives the call center and those making appointments the opportunity to have a real time view of what is happening with the service department even if a customer makes their own appointment on line.

“Everyone sees what appointment days and times are available, so anyone in the shop who takes a phone call or speaks to a customer can schedule the appointment. Also, if we’ve booked time for a big job and that job ends up taking less time than expected, I can quickly adjust that in Xtime and our call center will work to sell that available time as quickly as possible,” Corey said.

This table provides a snapshot of Xtime’s performance at Audi St. Paul:

Appointments Booked via Xtime


Show Rate


Repair Order Dollars


Per RO Value


Personal engagement

Xtime ServiceTab is a mobile application that enables Audi St. Paul advisors to greet service customers at their vehicles, in the lane, having in-hand customer information, presenting-problem data, and other insight to help them make a more thorough, professional and productive write-up.

“I like it because it makes my advisors get out from behind their desks and meet with customers at their vehicles in the service lane,” Corey said. “We’re surprised at how many customers say they like ServiceTab because it gives them a more personal touch, at their vehicle, and its use at their vehicle saves them from having to stand behind a counter at the advisor’s desk to answer questions.”
Xtime ServiceTab helps advisors, he said:

  • Check in customers in under 5 minutes
  • Store and update customer information quickly
  • Perform a walkaround  at the vehicle with the customer
“Using ServiceTab is a more engaging way to check in customers,” he added, “and our clientele finds us more professional because we do.”

Relieves Stress

Processes that reduce effort, relieve frustration and make the workday flow more smoothly add up to improved operations.

“I can’t put a dollar amount on how Xtime’s scheduling and ServiceTab benefits us, but I can see it gives the staff more time to be with the customer which builds value in the servicing we do and their stress level with customers is reduced  meaning everyone is happier,” Corey said.
“The change in shop efficiencies, improvement in scheduling, and more productive techs are the kind of results that make everyone’s life easier with fewer headaches. Now with Xtime in place, it has become so routine that if we had to go back to the old way of scheduling and greeting customers no one here would be pleased,” he added.

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